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What are the Industries that can benefit from our extensive services?


Phone and Data Cabling Pros' Accounting I.T. practice got it's foothold in when it landed a small accounting practice as a client. Since then, Phone and Data Cabling Pros has expanded its list of accounting firm that we work with to make their practices more efficient, stable, and resilient.

In addition to understanding your business, we are tasked with the administration of the following applications on a regular basis:

•  QuickBooks (all versions)
•  Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500
•  Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Axapta, Navision, & Solomon
•  LaCerte
•  Oracle Financials
•  Epicor
•  TimeSlips
•  Peachtree
•  Business Works

With years of experience in working with I.T. in the Accounting space, we get it. We know that between January 1 and April 15, you don't reboot servers during the day under any circumstances, and you don't make any upgrades or changes. We understand that after April 15th, you don't want to think about IT for a month while you are recuperating from tax season.

We understand that each member on your staff, whether they are accountants or bookkeepers are billable, and systems that don't function the way they are supposed to, could lead to a decrease in billable hours, thus a decrease in revenue.

We understand that you need to run the software that your clients run, which in many cases mean different versions of the same software, on the same hardware, which has its own set of complexities that we know how to solve.

In addition to understanding how to administer the above applications, we've got partnerships with firms who specialize in the implementation of each of those pieces of software, that we would be happy to align you with.

Phone and Data Cabling Pros has a strong understanding of the Accounting industry, and everything that goes along with it. Let us put that experience to work for you.



If there is one industry that has been dramatically changed by technology, it is the medical industry. Advancements in EMR solutions, along with HIPPA compliance, have made computing in the medical industry more dynamic and challenging than ever.

With clients in the medical industry, including hospitals, medical centers, and even small private practice offices, Phone and Data Cabling Pros has the skills necessary to serve the I.T. needs of your organization. We understand that the stability and security of your systems are critical in serving your patients. We have dozens of highly satisfied clients serving their patients, and we would love the opportunity to make you a very satisfied client as well. Give us a call today to learn more.


Working with various manufacturers throughout years Phone and Data Cabling Pros has developed substantial expertise in the manufacturing industry. If there is one industry that can reap substantial benefits through the proper use of technology, it is the manufacturing industry. Surprisingly, many manufacturing companies are not taking advantage of many of the technology tools that are available to them today. Whether you make parts that go on the latest advanced military weaponry, or children's toys, put Phone and Data Cabling Pros manufacturing experience to work for your company and be rewarded the benefits that streamlined technology has to offer. Give us a call today to learn more.

Non Profits

For years Phone and Data Cabling Pros Business Solutions has been handling Not-for-Profits I.T. needs. Phone and Data Cabling Pros plays an integral role in our not-for-profit clients reducing their I.T. expenditures, so that they can use their resources to help their particular cause. Whether it be providing clean drinking water to those in need in Africa, or supporting your Union workers, Phone and Data Cabling Pros has helped dozens of not-for-profit clients get a handle on I.T.

We understand that unnecessary dollars spent on overhead impedes your ability to serve. For that reason, we give all of our 501(c)(3) organizations a discounted rate on the services and solutions that we provide.

From the smallest of not-for-profit organizations with just a few computer users, to international organizations such as World Vision International, Phone and Data Cabling Pros has the passion to help you help others. Give us a call today to learn more.


Private Equity

Phone and Data Cabling Pros established its practice into the private equity space during the M&A storm in mid 2000's.

•  We have assisted firms in evaluating the state of technology within the organizations that they are considering acquiring. Technology can create a significant competitive advantage, and it's nice to know if that exists before getting too deep into the acquisition process. We can also evaluate if too much or too little support staff exists to capitalize on this competitive advantage.

•  We have assisted firms in the post-acquisition process by assisting them in eliminating unnecessary overhead with respect to IT support staff. In one example, we eliminated an entire staff and saved the new owners 60% on their annual IT support spend by restructuring staff and automating certain processes.

Since then, our client list of private equity and related services firms has grown significantly. While in most cases, the use of sophisticated software in these markets has not been typical, the availability of email systems, mobile devices, file systems, and other technologies has been increasingly important as deals make their way through the cycle. It is very important for bankers and executives to have fast, secure, and reliable information at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many times, there are tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.

At Phone and Data Cabling Pros, we get it. We understand the importance of your IT systems functioning properly so that you can move your deals through the acquisition process. We understand that while your staff may not be huge, your needs are critical and significant.


The unified communications landscape facing law firms has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Mobility, call flow management, IP–based technologies, and the integration of collaboration–enabling technologies have all combined to make significant productivity gains possible, especially for knowledge workers like attorneys. But increasingly, the question facing firms is how to integrate, manage, and maximize the value of these technologies, even as new tools come to the marketplace and firm resources are stretched to their limits.

Phone and Data Cabling Pros' UC Legal Suite provides a comprehensive answer, refined to meet the needs of dynamic and demanding law firms. The UC Legal Suite begins with an innovative foundation – the network, includes network security combined with the MaxxUC. The UC Legal Suite provides a superb custom configurable portfolio of innovative tools that can positively impact your firm's economics and core business processes.

Unified Communications' greatest benefits are realized when its software–driven are delivered through a software–as–a–service model. We achieve those benefits by taking the underlying advantages of VoIP services– reducing the cost, complexity and risks of deploying new technology to dynamic environments – resulting in: faster deployment; an on–going technology refresh that keeps pace with a rapidly evolving UC market; ease of integration into business process and enterprise applications; and eliminating the burden of managing communications infrastructure and services, freeing IT resources to tackle strategic initiatives.


Manufacturing industries have undergone profound changes over the past five years. Traditional supply chain management—from product development, production, and supply to sales and service—no longer dominates the business model. As expanding international manufacturers relocate facilities in countries around the world, the business assets that make up the supply chain—people, products, equipment, and raw materials—are increasingly on the move. They seek solutions that improve communication and collaboration, provide flexibility for changing market conditions, enhance operational efficiency and improve security.

Our Unified Communication solutions provide the infrastructure to enable complete communications across the manufacturing enterprise. The hosted, cloud-based applications optimize collaboration, improve productivity and significantly reduce travel throughout the manufacturing environment and between locations.

These include issues inherent in globalization, outsourcing, reduced profit margins, rising labor costs, regulatory compliance, the introduction of new technology, satisfying and retaining customers, operational efficiency and asset management.

We understand these challenges and knows that unified communications can help address them by helping to cost-effectively manage research and development, production and assembly lines, and networks of suppliers along with helping to oversee production by subcontracting vendors, engineering and logistics.

Phone and Data Cabling Pros can:

•  Increase productivity through communication, thus reducing latency between teams, lowering travel-related costs and causing fewer delays.

•  Allow personnel to quickly and cost-effectively share information and collaborate in real time to resolve supply chain issues

•  Offer sales teams the ability to perform better customer service and meet with clients more often.



Hospitals are facing daily communications and IT challenges as the cost of healthcare is rising and there is a shortage of trained medical personnel. In fact, recent data shows that more than 72 percent of hospitals face a shortage of registered nurses. In order to deal with decreasing budgets and staffing shortages, effective communication is going to be essential to the productivity of healthcare providers' existing staff.

We understand the communication challenges in the healthcare industry and their effect on patients and staff. By choosing Phone and Data Cabling Pros, healthcare facilities can take the first step toward making their communications more effective and secure, interactions more valuable and staff more efficient.

Our Unified Communications offering is a way for patients, clinicians, families and other healthcare stakeholders to communicate through an integrated system of applications delivered over MPLS from a cloud-based platform. These applications allow for effective, collaborative, scalable, and secure communications, which lets people communicate from wherever they are.

Phone and Data Cabling Pros lets clinicians and caregivers connect to the right resource the first time—using the most effective medium. Mobile phone and smart-phone users can coordinate conversations, collaborate with colleagues, and retrieve voicemail messages. Caregivers can see the present status of colleagues to determine their availability, and then securely view directory information to select the best method to reach them.

Phone and Data Cabling Pros can:

•  Improve outcomes and quality of care by enhancing communication capabilities and by enabling collaboration using video and rich media between clinicians, telemedicine, and on-demand language interpretation services

•  Enhance operational effectiveness by improving staff productivity and workflow efficiency for processes such as nurse call systems and bed management

•  Improve patient and staff satisfaction due to better overall management, faster response times, and service excellence



The global financial services industry manages vast amounts of information through branches and call centers or through unattended Web, ATM and phone channels. Their objective is to achieve profitable growth at an acceptable risk, and they are harnessing communication technology to achieve it.

Financial institutions today face a convergence of communication challenges unlike any other time in the recent past. Just as they realize that customers are still walking into the branch to conduct business, they also find that their current communications technology infrastructure will not support additional functionalities.

We understand that the branch of the future will demand even more from its network, and knows that clear voice and video, along with collaborative tools, will become a necessity in a financial institution's toolkit. Also, with corporate mergers and acquisitions in the financial space, we have positioned ourselves to help IT directors faced more and more with the technological challenges that come with branch expansion.

Phone and Data Cabling Pros makes it easy to connect numerous branches to each other in a way that allows for scalability in the future. Using Unified Communications applications hosted on a cloud-based infrastructure, we allow branches to effectively manage their communication efforts, while providing the ability to easily integrate new branches into the network.

Phone and Data Cabling Pros can:

•  Improve the responsiveness and efficiency of operations at the financial institution's on-site inbound contact center, as well as establishing a virtual contact center capability and an outbound contact center

•  Enhance collaboration and reducing travel costs for internal meetings, training, and technical support through integrated communications solutions

•  Boost productivity by allowing FIs to consolidate voicemail, email and faxes in a single unified inbox

•  Provide Unified Communications capabilities to all personnel

For smaller financial institutions this means the ability to communicate with the precision of an enterprise, while UC allows larger banks to simplify communication between locations, allowing for improved customer service.



Within the travel industry, communication with customers is paramount to converting sales. Minimizing the overall communications spend to impact bottom line operating costs helps these companies generate satisfied customers who reach representatives in their local calling area as well as reduced operating costs, such as long distance calling and faxing, to those customers.

We understand that by enabling unified communication across the enterprise, travel agencies can experience increased collaboration, continuity and communication between sites and improved call center efficiency through use of smart monitoring and routing tools.

We have experience with geographically dispersed travel agency call centers, providing fully managed solutions that eliminate finger pointing among agents and sites. With Phone and Data Cabling Pros, every call is always answered. Call Management, call reporting, and call routing allow you to manage agents measurably better, at any location — whether it is at work or home-based sites.

Our solutions are easily scaled to the fluctuating needs of enterprise travel agencies. Cloud-based applications assist you in reducing the need for excessive hardware, lowering capital cost and total cost of operation (TCO).

Phone and Data Cabling Pros can:

•  Improve customer service by efficiently handling calls using our platform, ensuring no busy signals and making agents more readily available.

•  Make it easy to add new locations by operating on a cloud-based infrastructure. Updates and changes to the system can be handled by our NOC, eliminating the need for expensive engineers.

•  Increase productivity for end-users, IT staff and the enterprise as a whole by providing anytime, anywhere access to telephony features for mobile workers, efficient call-handling features and call-center productivity through voice calls, e-mail, and interactive Web sessions.


Call Center

Considerations When Building a Call Center Phone Architecture

Setting up a call center for the first time takes a lot of work and equipment, but once it is finished, you can have complete control over your call center operations. If you are building up from scratch, then there are many things you need to start considering, like hardware, software and monitoring employees. However, once you know everything, it won't seem as large or as scary.


Getting the proper hardware is essential to properly managing your call center. You need phones, computers, servers and cables to connect everything.

Within this area, there are two big considerations you need to make. First, the phone system. There are VoIP and analog phone systems available. VoIP, which is transferred over the Internet, is often considered the best. It has lower i call rates, better call quality and a host of features. When considering phone systems, you should contact only the best vendors. Software

Aside from using phones, your employees will actively be using the computer and accessing software to help with their jobs. When getting software, make sure you check all the features. You will probably need some specialized tools for your industry, and you should check the program for these features. You should also ensure that the program is powerful enough to work with all your employees without stalling. Phone and Data Cabling Pros can:

•  Improve customer service by efficiently handling calls using our platform, ensuring no busy signals and making agents more readily available.

•  Make it easy to add new locations by operating on a cloud-based infrastructure. Updates and changes to the system can be handled by our NOC, eliminating the need for expensive engineers.

Increase productivity for end-users, IT staff and the enterprise as a whole by providing anytime, anywhere access to telephony features for mobile workers, efficient call-handling features and call-center productivity through voice calls, e-mail, and interactive Web sessions.


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