Network Security




Network security has never been more important. Today's threats are more aggressive and sophisticated, and change rapidly, with new versions of malware, Trojans, bots, viruses, phishing schemes, and compromised Web sites appearing almost daily. The introduction of new access channels, such as remote and mobile devices have made the task of securing our networks more challenging – the days of using static firewalls are gone. Phone and Data Cabling Pros has years of experience implementing a better method, which we refer to as “defense in depth.”




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Layered Defense

Our defense in depth approach applies multiple layers of protection across your network systems, including your firewall and endpoints. Phone and Data Cabling Pros can help you assess your threat level and recommend an actionable security roadmap. Depending on what is appropriate for your organization's unique requirements, our recommendations may include:


•  endpoint protection and anti-virus solutions

•  strong, two-factor identifications

•  data and/or email encryption

•  firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), content filtering

•  Virtual Private Networks

•  Virtual Local Area Networks

•  packet filtering

•  proxy servers

•  security for wireless networks

•  Active Directory configuration



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